Edinburgh, Scotland. After almost 3 months in Croatia it was time for a change. Oct. 31-Nov. 14, 2017

Because we were still having to avoid the Schengen area countries,  we left Croatia after 3+ months and flew to Edinburgh, Scotland.  It was our first time flying from one location to another within the EU.  We used British Airways and didn’t encounter any problems and it was affordable.  We enjoyed our time in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro but things start to close down in November.

We had bypassed Edinburgh and Glasgow on our first pass through Scotland back in June and we both felt like we wanted to see more.

We’ve also made a transition from planning our moves months ahead to just a few weeks.  We had planned everything through Prague before we left in late March as well as Christmas in Granada, Spain which included Doug and Rachel.  The places we went in-between we planned on short notice.  That’s pretty much how the rest of the trip is going.

We stayed in a great AirBnB in Edinburgh hosted by Al and Ali.  Besides being a very comfortable, well designed and nicely outfitted  carriage house,  it was across the street from a fantastic 50 meter pool and gym.  Al and Ali were great people to meet and really made our stay in Edinburgh enjoyable.  Kaye and I worked out about 10 times in our two week stay.  We even got in with a masters swim group with Al which was great fun.

Of the two cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Edinburgh is probably the more touristy.  It has a castle, beautiful old buildings and a fascinating history.  They host the annual Fringe fest which brings in thousands of people  and lasts for 3 weeks in August.

From Edinburgh we took the train to Glasgow, Scotland.


Interior of St. Giles High Kirk in Edinburgh and the Chapel of the Order of the Thistle-more info at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Thistle  .


We took a couple of day trips to smaller towns and villages while in Edinburgh.  Because we didn’t have a car, we joined a small bus tour group.  One trip went to Melrose Abbey,  burial place of many great Scots including the heart of Robert the Bruce,  and Roselyn Chapel.

Another trip took us to St. Andrews,  the fishing village of Fife and the town of Falkland.  Getting out into the countryside and small villages has been one of the highlights of this trip.

Below are other photos Kaye and I took during our 2 weeks in Edinburgh.  The Scottish National Museum was very nice.