Dubrovnik , Croatia. The most visited tourist spot in Croatia. Visits from Doug (9/17-29), Clay (Kaye’s brother) and his daughter, Emily (10/21-29).

We actually had two stays in Dubrovnik, Croatia, one with Doug as part of his 2+ week visit with us and another with Kaye’s brother , Clay, and his daughter, Emily.  It was fun to spend time with family.

We’ve had pretty good luck with AirBnB’s throughout this trip, however, we hit a bad one with Doug in Dubrovnik .  We had some reservations about the place before we even arrived.  They didn’t have many reviews but it was all we could find at the time.  It was on the side of one of the steep hills in Dubrovnik with 15% to 25% grades to get there.  When we finally found it , it was one of the many unfinished buildings that you see throughout Croatia.  Out one of the windows was  a partially built structure attached to ours.  As we looked around the apartment we found black mold throughout the bathroom, not a good sign.  We stayed about 1/2 hour, took a few pictures of the mold and left.  Doug, in the meantime, had found another AirBnB about 8 miles away.  We booked it and checked in.We showed AirBnb the photos of the mold and they gave us complete refund + a small voucher.  They were very responsive.  The place we moved into had it’s issues as well but mold wasn’t one of them.  The owner of the place we ended up in was so friendly he offered us some ‘grapa’ (home made liquor)- at 8 in the morning.

Clay and Emily showed up on October 21.  In between Doug and Clay and Emily,  Kaye and I went to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzogovina and spent some time in Split.

The photos that follow are from both Dubrovnik stays.  We had one of the best Airbnb’s we’ve had when Clay and Emily visited.

Dubrovnik is perhaps Croatia’s most visited city.  They get large ocean cruise ships in regularly which usually fills up the old town.  Our strategy was to go the old town when there were no ships in port.  Our place overlooked the harbor so we see  the ship traffic.

Dubrovnik had also gone to war with Serbia and Montenegro in the early 90’s.  It was not  a long war but the Croatians remember it.  They have a war museum on top of the hill overlooking Dubrovnik that can be reached by gondola.They hate the Serbs. Our hosts remembered the war and shook their heads when talking about it.  Kaye and I went down to the harbor on Croatian Independence day where the Navy and Army strutted their stuff and got kids into the military mood.  For more info on the war check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croatian_War_of_Independence.

Our stay in Dubrovnik ended our 3 month+ time in Croatia and the Balkans.  From Dubrovnik we flew to Edinburgh, Scotland.  We’re still having to bop in and out of the Schengen area which neither Croatia or the UK are part of.

Below are images of Dubrovnik , the walled city.  Although it was bombed quite heavily during the Balkan wars of the early 1990’s,  it has been largely restored.  A walk around the wall takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Below are some photos from our walks and boat rides in and around Dubrovnik .



Photos of family visits and other sites seen in Dubrovnik and surrounding islands.


The war with Serbia and Montenegro was only 25 years ago.  The generation that lived through it remembers and the new generation wants to be ready.


Both Kaye and I felt like we missed too much in Scotland in our last visit so planned 2 weeks in Edinburgh and 2 weeks in Glasgow.

With our kids coming into town for Christmas,  I probably won’t get much blogging done.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday.