Kaye and I were listening to a professional photographer from England talk about his photo seminars that he hosted in the French countryside. We thought to ourselves ‘why not take in a seminar and stay for a few weeks?’    When?  Who’s going to take care of the house and yard?  Who’s going to take care of the cat?  Why go for only 3 weeks?  Why not move to France? or Italy?  or Portugal?   The more we talked about it,  the more excited we became.

We had lived in the same house for 26 years.  A nice sized home on a large, tree covered lot in the suburbs of the Twin Cities.  We had basically gutted the house in stages over the years and Kaye had developed the yard into a beautiful garden that required lots of care.

I was planning on retiring in the fall of 2016. We had thought about downsizing now that the kids had grown and moved out but nothing we looked at motivated us to make a move.  Not until the photo seminar.

The seminar was in early March of 2016.  By August,  we had bought a house,  sold a house and moved.  By September we had found a place to stay in southern France and had started planning our year in Europe.  In November,  I officially retired and had a hip replaced in order to have time to recover before we left in the spring.

Our daughter and her boyfriend will take care of our small house while we’re traveling for the next year.  Both of our kids will visit us in Europe at some time.

The purpose of this blog is to help chronicle our travels this next year and perhaps future adventures.  It’s also a way to keep friends and family informed of where we are and what we’re seeing and doing.

This all started out as an idea spawned by a photo seminar.  We hope to include lots of photos as we go.