Istria, beautiful coastline and hill towns. August 27 – September 10, 2017

After Zagreb, we drove to Opatija  on the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia.  Istria is known for it’s shoreline and  beaches and ancient towns along the coast as well as its hill towns. It is also known for wine and truffles.  I have to admit ignorance of what a truffle even was before this trip.  Essentially, it’s  a fungus that grows on oak tree roots and is a delicacy amongst the wealthy.  They have trained pigs and dogs to sniff out this fungus and it has it’s own special season (fall) accompanied by grand weekend festivals that fill small villages with truffle hunters and those that revel in the fungus.  All in all, a very peculiar culinary cult.

We  stayed in an AirBnB in Pobri which is about a kilometer above the Adriatic and the town of Opatija.  The history of Istria dates back to pre- Roman times and Romans who settled on it’s western shores, Italians and  the Austrian Hungarians who used Opatija as as health spa.  More can be found about Opatija at

We found a great outdoor/indoor 50 meter pool in Rijeka which was just 20 minutes  from Pobri where we swam about 3 days a week. What was great about the facility is that it had and indoor and outdoor 50 meter pool and below the pool was a beach that you could relax on and savor a post workout beer. Our modern day health spa.

We took day trips to Rovinj and Pula which are UNESCO sites because of their fairly intact Roman remains and visited some small hill towns along the way. Unfortunately, some of those images were on the damaged hard drive.  I’ll add them later if possible.   We took a boat tour to a couple of the nearby islands and we spent our 34th Anniversary on the Island of Cres at Mali Losinj.

Here are some images of Opatija and nearby village of Volosko.  There is a promenade that stretches for miles along this part of the coast.


These are photos from some of the hill towns in Istria.  Many are small with less than 200 inhabitants.

We spent our 34th anniversary on an overnight to the Island of Cres and the town of Mali Losinj. A beautiful small town and an island known for small hidden beaches and quiet harbors

Two of the towns we visited while in Istria were Rovinj and Pula.  Unfortunately, those were some of the images ‘lost’.  Here are a few we salvaged.   Our son, Doug, visited us for a couple of weeks in Croatia and has taken the damaged hard drive back to MN to see if we can recover the photos.  I’ll post them later if possible.

After a couple of weeks in Istria, we did a quick trip down the coast to Split, Croatia where we picked up Doug.   The next part of the trip we visit Split,  Kotor, Montenegro and Dubrovnik.