Prague,Czech Republic, part II.

Below are images Kaye and I took while in Prague.  It is a city that has been through the Habsburgs, Nazi and Soviet control and has come out relatively unscathed.  We both enjoyed our 2+ weeks here and would definitely return.

We’ve all encountered street musicians.  On rare occasions you run into one who is just fun to watch.  Vladimir Pinta is one of the best.  A real entertainer.   You can check him out at


Added on 8/24/17: What Kaye and I try to do, if we can, is get out of the cities and into the smaller towns and country side.  While in the Czech Republic , we took a day trip to Liberec , a small town north of Prague and  close to the Polish border.  It’s known for it’s beautiful town center buildings and in the ‘mountains’ of the Czech Republic.  We did ride a gondola to the top of the highest point but it was hazy and not conducive to photography.  The city office building was quite impressive and there was a few kids activities in front.

Best of all was the bus stop.

Our next stop is Vienna, Austria.  We spent 9, hot days touring this grandiose city built by the Habsburg Dynasty.